Business Model Innovation

from a Systems Thinking perspective

Satisfy real human needs. Grow social resilience. Integrate circularity.
Innovate your strategy for success in today's fast-changing complexity.
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Download your Systemic Business Model Canvas for Sustainability.

  • 13 building blocks for a systemic perspective
  • trigger questions to map, check, and innovate
  • Printable b&w A1 size canvas high resolution
  • Free to use for any purpose


sustainability is the imperative mindset, practice and strategy for success in the 21st century

Our world is becoming increasingly more complex. The sustainability challenges we face on global and local levels are interconnected. As the pressures of today’s global ecological crises, social issues and economic problems continues to increase, the need for organizations to redesign their business models in line with principles for sustainability is becoming more and more evident and urgent.

As the global population is expected to grow to 9 billion by 2050, how will we collectively deal with collective challenges like climate change, resource scarcity, and mass pollution of our water, soil, and air? And how will your business deal with supply chain insecurity, more regulations, increasing risks, rising costs for resources, and changing stakeholder demands?

To satisfy our needs, humans are dependent on themselves, others, and their environment. By taking a systems thinking perspective to sustainable business model innovation we are able to help you navigate upcoming sustainability challenges while fully enjoying the innovation opportunities that it presents.

Our Systemic Business Model Canvas and our consultancy, training, and facilitation services aim to help you integrate sustainability as the core driver of ánd for successful and strategic business development.


integrating 4 scientific perspectives for systemic sustainability in your business model​ design
Pillar 1 Human Needs logo big

Value & Human Needs

Create synergistic products, services, and systems that satisfy universal human needs for the people you serve.

Pillar 4 Strategy logo big blue

Strategic Leadership & Agility

Navigate complex decisions to stay on course, flexible, and with clear benefits to the capital goals you want to achieve.

Pillar 2 Social logo big

Resilience & Social Sustainability

Grow healthy and trustworthy stakeholder relationships, teams, organizations, channels, value chains and networks.

Pillar 3 Ecology logo big

Circularity & Ecological Sustainability

Design for regenerative circular activities and renewable resource use throughout the whole life-cycle.


3 steps to map, check, and innovate your systemic business model in one canvas


Map your business model through 4 interconnected systemic perspectives.


Check and analyze your impact using simple scientific system principles for sustainability.


Innovate for sustainability with visionary detail and the big picture in clear sight.​


2 powerful leverage points to make all the difference in the world
nested systems -

Integrated Systems Thinking

From the smallest startups to the biggest multinationals, as organizations and as individuals - we are all parts of one complex, interconnected and inseparable whole, part of a larger social system, nested and fully dependent upon the flourishing of life within the biosphere of planet Earth. As such, to strategically solve complex business model challenges, we need to apply an integrated systems thinking approach.

sq leverage point _! -

Questions Before Answers

We leverage the power of asking the right questions at the right time and helping you explore and discover the sustainability of your business model. Every business model is unique, has unique challenges, and has unique answers. Our strategic trigger questions to map, analyse, and redesign your business model are grounded in systems thinking and sustainability science, assuring inherently better hypotheses.

our services

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Strategic Planning for Sustainability

Systemic Business Model Innovation

Complexity Leadership Coaching

who are we?

specialists in the big picture, strategists, innovators, and facilitators for change

Thomas van der Molen

Elissa Cardoso

We came together during our Master Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability in the beautiful archipelago of Karlskrona, Sweden.

Here, Thomas laid the foundations for Sustainable Start with his thesis titled: ‘How to integrate Strategic Sustainable Development approach into the Lean Startup through the Business Model Canvas?’

Now, we divide our time between Europe (Amsterdam) and South-America (Rio de Janeiro) to share the knowledge, passion, and tools a systemic approach to sustainable business modelling.

We work with business of any size and sector, from visionary startups and purposeful accelerators to innovative SMEs and agile corporates. For larger challenges, we are able to draw on the expertise of our extensive global networks.

Download your Systemic Business Model Canvas for Sustainability.

  • 13 building blocks for a systemic perspective
  • Trigger Questions to map, check, and innovate
  • Printable b&w A1 size canvas high resolution
  • Free to use for any purpose

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" Success = Strategy + Innovation 4 Sustainability = Simplicity without Reductionism."

" Success = Strategy + Innovation 4 Sustainability = Simplicity without Reductionism."