We Help Startups Make Systemic Impact

by Focusing on the Whole Business Model, the Parts, and their Relationships

The world is changing and it’s changing fast.

Business as usual is struggling to adapt because it is too heavily
invested in all sorts of unsustainable resources, structures and practices.

Startups are the seeds of a new world.

That’s why there is an incredible opportunity for startups to succeed with
systemic principles for sustainability embedded at their core.

“If we continue to look at the land and the world around us just in terms of dollars and cents, we are going to destroy the very things that make that land so precious to us — the very things that keep us alive and healthy.”
David Suzuki, Environmental Activist

There’s a huge gap in the startup eco-system.

Current tools, frameworks or development programmes are simple not enough, because they
do not include social and environmental sustainability from a systemic perspective.

And that’s why millions of startups around the globe keep failing. Of course failing is fine,
but only when you learn from it, adjust and keep moving in the right direction.

So that’s why we started to develop our own tool.

Framework for Systemic Business Innovation

4 Layers for Sustainable Success

12 Universal Human Needs

Design Products and Services that Create Lasting Satisfaction and Loyal Customers Forever.

5 Social System Principles

Build Healthy, Resilient and Trustworthiness Teams, Organizations, Relationships, Stakeholder Networks, and Channels.

3 Ecological System Principles

Innovate Anything Within the Boundaries of the Planet, Increase Circularity and Contribute to Global Climate Regeneration.

7 Capitals for Strategic Success

Improve Dynamic Strategy, Resilience, Decision-Making, Prioritization, Transparency and Metrics, and Elevate Your Bottom Line.

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“A business model really is a system where one element influences the other; it only makes sense as a whole.

Alexander Osterwalder, Author Business Model Generation

Integrate with Popular Tools

Like the Business Model Canvas

Modern era problems are complex in nature, so is the sustainability challenge. Thus, the linear logic used to create our current situation cannot solve our modern day problems.

Max-Neef 2005

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The current economic system has placed enormous pressure on the planet while catering to the needs of only about a quarter of the people on it, but over the next decade twice that number will become consumers and producers.

Traditional approaches to business will collapse, and companies will have to develop innovative solutions. That will happen only when executives recognize a simple truth: Sustainability = Innovation.

Ram Nidumol, in Harvard Business Review 

Meet the Team

Elissa Cardoso, Thomas van der Molen, Gabriel Neira Voto

Integrating a sustainability approach within a company’s business strategy increases competitive advantages and opportunities for the organization, its partners and stakeholders. Benefits include increased revenue, market share, and access to emerging markets, enhanced resilience to sector volatility and legislation changes, improvements in operational efficiencies and employee productivity, as well as reduced expenses for energy, waste, water and materials.
Bob Willard, Author The Sustainability Advantage

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Reductionism cannot be used to remedy this challenge that humanity faces along with the rest of the life forms on our planet.

Rockström et al. 2009

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