Strategic business model innovation for resilience & sustainability. made simple.

The focus of our work is always at the intersection of these 3 pillars


To really understand the science and what sustainability means in your specific context.


To develop novelty together and apply collaborative wisdom to wicked challenges.


To (re-)design how your create and deliver value to human, social, and environmental systems.

The Sustainable Start Business Model Canvas Methodology helps you map, check, and innovate your business model from 4 systemic perspectives to make sure you really understand your customer’s needs and how they will change, create just and regenerative value for society and the environment, ánd navigate your fast-changing 21st-century context most strategically and successfully. 

Our signature approach is grounded in the best available sustainability systems science and innovation tools

4 Systemic
3 Step
(Re-)Design Process
Business Model

Our services are designed to accelerate your progress and performance in every way possible

Workshops & Training

For professionals, teams and organizations that are curious about how to apply a systems thinking perspective and strategically integrate sustainability. 

Online Course

For founders, owners, and managers and teams that want to learn about sustainability and how to start transforming their organization towards future fitness. 

Coaching & Consultancy

For teams and organizations that want to take the next step, enhance their systemic leadership capacity and drastically improve sustainability performance.

Recent Collaborations

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Thomas van der Molen

Co-Founder, Creator, Trainer & Advisor

Strategic systems thinker with a passion for working with people to enable business transformation.


Elissa Cardoso

Co-Founder, Trainer & Advisor

Experienced sustainability and project consultant driven to create a positive impact in the world.