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The Sustainable Start Business Model Canvas makes it easy to design a unique Triple Value Proposition and integrate sustainability principles throughout every building block of your business by applying a systems thinking perspective.

Systems Thinking Perspectives

  • How might we understand the real needs of our customers and satisfy them throughout changing contexts?
  • How might we grow social and organisational resilience and support trustworthy relationships with all our stakeholders?
  • How might we create eco-regenerative and circular solutions and close the loop throughout our product-service lifecycle?
  • How might we thrive in business by navigating complex 21st-century challenges more strategically and effectively?

Iterative Innovation

The Sustainable Start Business Model Canvas Methodology helps you 1. Map, 2. Check, and 3. Innovate how you satisfy real human needs, create value for society and the environment, and strategically model sustainable success.

Opportunities to Learn More

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About us

Thomas van der Molen

Co-Founder, Creator, Trainer & Advisor

Elissa Cardoso

Co-Founder, Trainer & Advisor

Our Services


Webinar / Lecture

WiseUp! is your introduction to sustainable, just, and regenerative business model design. Make sure to register for the upcoming free webinar series exploring each perspective in more detail.


1/2 Day Workshop

Ignite! a systems thinking and sustainability oriented mindset in your team or organization. Learn how to use the Sustainable Start Business Model Canvas Methodology and leave the room eager to continue innovating.


3 day Training

Catalyze! real change and improve your impact by going through all 3 steps of the Sustainable Start Methodology and apply our trigger questions to each building block of your business model canvas.


Tailored Programs

Transform! your sustainability performance by going beyond the canvas methodology and integrating sustainability principles throughout the whole organization to make impact on a systemic level.

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